Since my last post, I mostly took the time to enjoy the summer. As health always comes first and me being paranoid about it, I decided to make another examination to make sure that my sight problem has nothing to do with neural stuff. MRI of my brain was made (and payed:-) in private clinic in Zagreb, named Medikol. Maybe I’ll post some pics of my CPU :-D if I manage to get them in digital format. Results were done in less then half an hour and I was told that everything is fine up there. A day after examination, I took the bus to Omiš, a nice place at seaside near Split, and stayed there for three days with my family, who were there on vacation. Sea was a bit cold, but that didn’t stop me to swim and stay on the beach. We also met a lot of our relatives who live there. It was a bit of pain in the ass to get back to Zagreb as it is tourist season and roads are crowded but I got there just in time. Same evening, I packed things in new shiny Ferrino Transalp 75 backpack I bought right after MRI. It was a really cheap in comparasion with Lowe Alpine Summit 65+15 backpack which costs more than a twice. It is really nice how many things you can stuff inside and carry it around.  Early in the morning, g09o, h4z4rd, i72852 and I took the train to Rijeka and spent most of the day lying on the grass in the park and eating ice-cream while we were waiting for catamaran to take us to Cres island. As we got in the AC Slatina in Martinšćica, we setup the tent and went to the beach. We spent a week there, playing volleyball, swiming  and sunbathing during the daytime and drinking milk and playing cards in the evenings (yeah, we drank no alcohol). One afternoon, we *walked* (g09o gave up and came back after 45 min, we walked for about 3 hours) to Lubenice, but when we got there, we realized that we have no time to go to the beach, as it was too far so we hitch-hiked back to camp. We also met some kind Italian guys. Good thing is that we brought no laptops, which we actually did last year and instead of hacking, h4z4rd and I practiced yoga. Even we slept in very small tent fulfilled with bugs and didn’t ate proper food, this was greatest vacation ever. As they say, “sleeping bag, 350kn, tent 570 kn, h4z4rd’s feet peeking out of the tent, priceless”. Right now, I am sitting in the office after testing some NFS stuff. I’m about to buy Linksys WRT54GL, h4ck it with OpenWRT and install it at parents house, as sister is expecting a shiny new pinky Dell Inspirion so we get rid of bloody cables. I plan to be with family next week and then get back in Zagreb as new semester starts on 8. of September. Till then, I’ll continue to hack a hoax recognition bash script and have phun with IKE stuff I already mentioned. Like summers, tough.