As I am at parents house since friday, I am spending most of my time lying on the bed and watching documentaries. When I’m not slacking off, I’m testing spamassassin’s bayesian classificator learning script which I wrote recently, doing regular administration tasks and play with new Linksys WRT54GL router. After a few days of searching for advices and reading reviews, I finally decided to flash Linksys with Tomato firmware. I also considered installing DD-WRT and OpenWRT. A stock Linksys firmware wasn’t bad for me, but what I wanted is shell on MIPS machine. Someone would say that I could use a simulator, but I think it is like having an intercourse with a rubber doll. So, I didn’t need so many features provided by DD-WRT, which is also reported to freeze (manuall reboot needed in every few days). OpenWRT seemed to be quite nice l33t thingy, but it requires more time then I want to spend. So Tomato satisfied my needs, installation was smooth and everything works like a charm. Just in few hours, nice idea poped-up. Right now, I am building cross compiler for MIPS and I am looking forward to try it out with Linksys. Oh, almost forgot to mention that I managed to build OpenOffice-3.0.0_beta2. For now, it seems to be very nice and even there is no docx suffix in browse filters, it opened one without producing (visible) errors. Cheers