Last few weeks passed like a second. I tried to spend time with my family which is situated for about 250 km away (2:50 hours traveling by train), so I ended up spending a pretty much (for a well situated student) cash on train tickets and being chronicaly tired. Also, I decided that it is time to solve my sight problems. After visiting my doctor and telling her that I see double pictures when looking with only right eye, I was pretty sure that I will have to visit neurologist. It was really **cked up to find oftalmologist which wasn’t on vacation. After all, I found pretty kind one, who told me that I my sight is bad, but no neuro problems (later confirmed by neurologist). So now, as every regular geek, I wear glasses. Besides that, I wanted to make a blood analysis, as I recently became vegetarian. Everything was OK with that, too. Everything seems to be fine at job, besides we had to spend few days (or weeks) at bosses house doing very boring archiving stuff, but at least I ate properly there. The thing which makes me happy is fact that besides yoga, I have enough free time to work on analyzing implementation of one of IKEv2 daemons and figuring out how to implement an intresting draft. I will post no futher details about that until I entirely understand the existing code. H4ppy h4ck1n9!