Ho Ho Ho. Even it is holidays time, I’m not slacking. So, I wrote my first Linux kernel module, as a part of research in enhanced kernel-based proxying with closed-source apps that doesn’t allow to use proxies. Lots of phun:-) I also manage to design GUI in Matlab (:-), and still I’m fighting with shell scripting in Windows, as part of HMM-based speech recognition project. Also lots of phun. There is a XMLDB-based project, which showed nice progress. I don’t know about eXist or Xindice, but Sedna is really unstable XMLDB and I’m not satisfied with it. This project is just a port project based on Informix ORDB. During that one, I learned a lot of C# and I must admit that it is a hell of language. Slow, but damn powerful. A recently finished project in distributed computing was presented to assistant professors and they asked h4z4rd and me if we could present it at class. As h4z4rd is having a nice time at CCC right  now, I’m having sex with designing presentation and recording desktop movies. ZESOI got two PS3s, so we took one and installed Gentoo Linux on it. It is going to be used for protein docking simulations. It is a quite nice machine. New Year’s trip was cancelled due to lack of funds:-D. Hey, so what, I run my code on Core2Quad now. That’s it for now, see you next year. Happy holidays.