So, as you can see, no blag activity here for more then a month. Let’s resume what happened. Nothing specially:-) My chase on MSc started and first midterms are done. Results? I must say that I am satisfied. Not with all but most of it. Even I mostly skip lessons because they are boring, material we learn is more or less intresting. So, I spent a little fortune on Amazon. I bought Cormen’s Introduction to Algortihms and I must say that book is quite nice to *learn* from, even if pseudocode is like it was found on crashed UFO. There is also Pattern Recognition written by two Greek fellows (Theodoridis and Koutroumbas), Tannenbaum’s and Maarten’s Distributed Systems and Database Systems (Hector Garcia-Molina, Jeffrey D. Ullman, and Jennifer Widom). I also bought some books with vegetarian recepies and some more about yoga and spirituality. I’m happy to see my little home library expanding:-) Oh, I also stumbled upon an old friend from High School on facebook so we went out together. It was a concert named CroReggaeTrip and we got a bit drunk and had a nice time, so I’m now hooked up on Stillness, a local band that played that night. So good to have account on local warez forums:-). There are also plans for New Years Eve in Prague. Roma, Milano and Vienna was considered too, but we voted on mailing list and Prague won. Train and plane tickets are pretty damn expensive, so we are stucked with buses, which are much cheaper, but there is no defined departures yet:-/ We considered renting a van (there is about ten of us), but it is also crappy to drive through 500km of snow after few days (and nights) of crawling such a wonderful city. Even Budapest seems to be cheapest solution, been-there-done-that last year, so no Hungary:-) Will write more about holidays, hopefully with good news:-) Oh, I’m quite excited about Xfce46 and OpenWRT-8.09 (yeah right, it will be nice if it would be called 8.12:-) hitting the streets soon. Happy hacking. Eh, yeah, I forgot to write about developing stuff. Nah, I didn’t forget. My code is compiling:-)