I can remember my early days of colleague when students were gathered into a small teams working on a week-projects. We all know these Node_FinalVersionThisIsReallyFinalOkNowItsFinalFixedv47.cpp files shared via e-mail and how confusing all this could get. Along with computer-aided software development in general, source control software evolved from crappy CVS to GIT and others which got so nicely integrated into IDEs (Eclipse Team) and file managers so people started to use it not just for software versioning but versioning and sharing of any files. Since I discovered beautys of SVN in my early days, I use personal repository to store some small projects source code, bunch of simple bash and perl scripts, old code that I may reuse sometimes, random files I need very often (like CV), artwork… It may be an overuse, but this suites my needs and I don’t have any issues with current setup for couple of years. Few times I considered moving to GIT, but eventually gave up as I didn’t have real need to make a step into it. And because of laziness too… Anyway, lately I’m using Xcode on daily basis for iPhone development. Xcode has few diseases but in bottom line, it’s one fine IDE, comparable to Eclipse/STS I use daily too. What I really can’t understand is why Xcode can be so awesome and still suck at one of basic features that any IDE must have. Several times I tried to setup repositories in Organizer to handle my code, ending shit-pissed off and confused with such idiotic design and implementation of such a simple (ok, it’s not so simple, but anyway…) feature. Still today, I’m using Terminal commands to commit/update code and really hope that in some of future realeses, Xcode would do VCS better… P.S. Xcode now hangs with “Checking source control status” message… blegh