So, I finally have time for a post. I don’t know have I already posted anything about AIESEC student organization and taking internship somewhere in Asia, but I can say now that this is not going to happen. Yet. h4z4rd and I tried to find one, but we had no luck, mostly because companies want someone who can stay for at least half a year and we can stay no more than two months. We hope to take an internship next summer, when we should be free of any faculty obligations forever. But, instead of internship, we decided to try WWOOFing. WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is an organization which connects WWOOFers (h4z4rd and I) with hosts. WWOOFers search for hosts, pick one and contact him. Then host decides if he wants to accept the WWOOFer. If he does, WWOOFer visits host and works on organic farm, restaurant or/and  anything else for what host gives him place to sleep and food. The country of a choice is Japan. We applied for one month and our host (which name I won’t disclose) accepted us, what made us very delighted. Everything sorted out in no more than two weeks and went very smooth. Plane tickets were bit expensive, but we luckily had enough money to pay for them. So, preparations are undergoing and delight rises from day to day. If everything goes fine, I’ll spend August in Japan.