I was Xfce user as long as I use Linux.  Well, I used Gnome for a month or two because I wasn’t aware that other environments even existed. Main reason for using not-so-bloated environment was a weak Celeron processor and small amount of RAM in my notebook. I did try several other desktop environments, including but not limited to KDE-3.5 and -4.1, GNOME, Enlightenment 17, but none of them seemed more usable or faster then Xfce.  Even when I bought new desktop machine pretty capable of running any DE, I decided to stay with Xfce, as new 4.6 version was about to be launched. But, that one wasn’t big suprise for me and I expected more. So, few weeks ago, after talking to a friend who works with me, I decided to try KDE-4.2. There are few things that I don’t like, but all-in-all, I’m really really satisfied with my new environment. It’s kewl when system that looks so nice (I do use desktop effects), has such small memory footprint (~315 MB). What I don’t like is Amarok2, so I had to recompile installation of KDE-4.2 with “kdeprefix” USE flag to be able to downgrade to Amarok-1.4 series. There is also new 2.6.29 Linux kernel, which will, I hope, bring peace into the code of ath9k driver, as well as significant performance improvement.